AMAAS 2019

Last week, from Thursday until Sunday, I worked an internship for the AMAAS On Sound Conference. The On Sound conference is a media arts gathering that takes place in Alberta bi-annually--this one was held in Nanton on Treaty 7 territory. If I could summarize it, I’d say it four days of media arts panels, sound pieces, performances, installations, socializing, an AGM, and recognition of an artist from the media arts community.

Kevin holding a mic to a Skype panelist

I wanted to share a few sketches from the conference. Most of these sketches are from the first full day of the conference on Friday. Something I wrestle with is my desire to be fully present in an experience vs recording it via sketch-- especially when I’m sitting in one place for longer than five minutes! Between working the conference and wanting to simply just be in the moment for much of the goings-on I don’t have much to show. But I will show you what I have.

First off, a bit about where this all took place. Nanton is a small prairie town a little under an hour away from Calgary. Here the sky is as vast as the land, and you could even see different weather long off in the distance as it approached or long passed by. Of course you could see the Rockies as well. I’d love to do some landscape painting out here! The conference was held at the Coutt’s Center, which I will say have a look for yourself. It’s gorgeous!

Curtis, Matthew, and Richelle

Anyways onto Friday. Being the first full day we had breakfast and then had opening words from an Elder named name Peter. He spoke of his peoples’ connection and history with the land, shared stories, and song. Artist in residence Richelle Bear Hat and sound artists Curtis Lefthand and Matthew Cardinal discussed how sound work they created related to their identity and culture--sound as a reclamation and resistance. In the evening Curtis and Matthew performed IITAAKOOWAA, which you will see in my sketchbook.

Curtis & Matthew performing. Trying to capture the small movements.

Of course all of the conference was incredible, and I feel very fortunate to have experienced so much art and meet so many hard working inspiring people. As I said, this conference occurs bi-annually, so if you’re interested in knowing more I’d recommend checking out Alberta Media Arts Alliance Society for more info!

Wonderful ppl! Can you spot me?

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