If it feels like you haven't heard from me in a while you'd be right. I've been preparing for the busiest month of my year-- November. Basically by the start of fall I get caught up with lining up all the dominoes and kinda lose my way in terms of social media and social events in general. Its exhausting! But so very worth it. Check out some of the cool things I'm involved with this month.


I will be sitting on a femme animators panel with other rad femme/womxn animators, and we will be kicking off the whole dang festival. So awesome. And the event has a lot of other rad art and music going on throughout the night. Get tickets.


In June I was lucky enough to land the position of Programming Coordinator for a social justice documentary film festival that takes place in my neighbourhood. Alongside the many passionate volunteers that make this event happen, I have been working really hard arranging this year's lineup for MLJFF. The incredible thing about this festival is that it is FREE-- and it's not only a screening, but the festival brings in guests to facilitate discussion about issues brought up in each documentary. This one is a hidden gem, so please consider checking it out. Schedule

GIRAF15 - Nov. 21st - Nov. 24th

If you didn't already know, Calgary has an awesome world-class indie animation festival, and this is my fourth year working with the festival. If you follow the Quickdraw Animation Society's social media, know that those GIRAF posts are me. I'll also be running around throughout the festival, so please, come to the fest. If I'm not incentive enough, then you should show up because they have PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN PRICING!!! So awesomely accessible to your wallet...and did I mention Phil Tippett is coming to town as a guest!? Tickets and schedule.

SHOW + SALE - Nov. 22nd - 24th

I believe this is my 7th iteration of the sale I've worked-- lucky number 7. But this is also the first sale where I basically have the reigns. It's nuts, and also super inspiring to be supporting so many creative and skilled student artists. Everybody involved in the Show + Sale puts so much work and love into it. I highly recommend checking it out. You will leave with something for yourself, or a some gifts for xmas. There's something for everyone! More info.

I will be at all of these events in various capacities. So yeah, come say hi, give me a hug, etc. This is a fun but very stressful month for me and I'd love to see some friendly faces.

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